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Ferngail - First Class Joinery & Construction Services A good Joiner will probably do as much thinking and planning as an engineer. Even simple jobs must be carefully planned and evaluated in order to provide a successful outcome.

Battle for Space... Our first "enemy" in the battle for room space is our own furniture. So you've made up your mind about how your interior should look like, but how on Earth do you squeeze in that gorgeous sofa or that custom-made behemoth wardrobe? In many cases, the best solution is a built-in wardrobe with simple slide-in doors, which can conceal vast amounts of clutter.

The idea was adopted after traditional Japanese house planning, where preference is given to open and unobstructed environment. This can be easily achieved by a false plasterboard wall - it won't eat up more space than traditional furniture, but the room will look lighter and less busy.

Ferngail - First Class Joinery & Construction Services Don't forget about how colour and positioning affect our spatial perception. Perhaps every woman knows that a skirt with vertical stripes will make her legs look longer. By the same principle, wood planks positioned across will make your room look wider and shorter; place them along the room, and you'll get opposite result. Recommendations in our Bathrooms and Kitchens sections can be used for living rooms, bedrooms and offices to the same effect.

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